big booty in one listen ♡ extremely forced and powerful subliminal

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since this is a "get results in one listen" sub, you don't have to listen to it multiple times a day. you can listen only once a day and still get results but if you want, you can listen to this as much as you want. the more the better ❤

· this subliminal is SAFE and contains only POSITIVE affirmations

·benefits of this subliminal

✨ big butt
✨ have your desired butt shape and size
✨ butt grows so big that your jeans dont fit you anymore (exaggerated for quicker results)
✨ get results fast
✨ have the biggest butt in the world (exaggerated)
✨ butt looks gorgeous and ethereal
✨ butt looks good no matter what

this is extremely powerful remember to stay hydrated and take some breaks



·the more you listen, the quicker your results will come but remember to take breaks because this sub is extremely powerful
·if you can hear and understand the affirmations, lower down your volume
·listen at a comfortable volume
·stay hydrated
·listen to a booster for quicker results (my subs include pre boosters ;) )
·dont listen when driving or when in a moving vehicle
·you can multitask but dont listen to this when you are doing something that requires a lot of focus
·headphones arent required but recommended
·listening to subs while sleeping will give you quicker results because your conscious mind is at rest while your subconscious mind isn't


✨ stay positive, you will get your results
✨ dont forget to comment your results!

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