Tied Senses: Erotic stories for women - Audio Only (18+)

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Tied Senses - An Experiential Erotic Audio Story for women using hypnotic techniques

You can download the full erotic story for Free from https://bit.ly/3akuJ38

The experience of sensual BDSM. No pain, well not in the normal sense. Your orgasms will be strong, but they will be mine to decide when you can come and when you can't. The ice will be cold and the feather so teasing. Tonight you can enjoy intense pleasure....when I decide.

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Audio Porn for Women: Beach Sex Fantasy

A moonlit beach, the gentle caress of the waves, a handsome stranger.  The most intense beach seduction fantasy, indulge your desires, let yourself go and enjoy a truly passionate sex session under the moonlight.


Tortured Desires – BDSM Audio Porn – Teaser

Tonight I am in charge... all your pleasure is mine to give.  I will take you to the brink, I will tease your body, punish your pleasure. Allow you to enjoy the delights of fire and ice. I will hold you there at the brink of orgasm until you can't hold back any more. Until your orgasm feels so powerful it can't be stopped and then, if you're very good . I will let you orgasm like you never have before.

Enjoy this audio porn for women at https://youtu.be/oGc6PO9GDFE

Audio Porn - The Fae King -Teaser

You know what dark desires lay hidden that beast that should be unleashed. What animalistic passions you can enjoy. A truly intense fantasy full of mythical creatures and such an intense passion, Extreme dominant sex, taken into your darkest desires.


Bathed in Lust - An Erotic Hypnosis Fantasy - Teaser Edition A truly intense sexual experience. Surrender to the pleasure of the tentacles as they explore every inch of your body. No part left untouched as they discover part of your body, you didn't know were erogenous. You can listen to this erotic hypnosis here https://youtu.be/nMEHz2jpL4g

Seduced by the Shadows – An Experiential Erotic Threesome story You know the dangers that lurk in the forest at night. You've been warned of the dark passions that hide in the shadows. Yet still you travel into the night, into the forest. Surrender to the dark, submit to the night. Seduced by the Shadow. https://youtu.be/s493QzCLbi4

Saving the Grace – A Chapter reading This intense erotic audio is taken from Lacee Hightower’s amazingly HOT erotic story ‘Saving the Grace’. You can listen to the excerpt of this amazing romantic erotica for women at https://youtu.be/vuCUf8gIYoU .

Guided Masturbation for women – a full erotic hypnosis for women session Indulge your pleasures. Truly intense hypnotic orgasms, you enjoy the pleasures of a hands free orgasm (HFO) like never before. Listen to this Erotic Hypnosis for women session here https://youtu.be/u5YexcsliSo

Crimson Sunset – a Hypnotic Erotica Audio story Inspired by Lacee Hightower’s ‘Crimson Sunset’ this erotic hypnosis story recreates one of the main erotic scenes– you can listen to this erotic sex story at https://youtu.be/pAqeroY-rRU.

Kiss of a Rose – Teaser. Possibly the most sensuous experiential erotica I have ever created. A truly different experiential erotic story, although understated do not underestimate the intensity of the pleasures you will experience. https://youtu.be/Vo0kuOlSGDY

Speed of Lust – Teaser. One night. One chance. That love you thought you lost, that passion you never thought you could experience is here now, within your grasp. How can you possibly resist the sensations in this passionately erotic story? https://youtu.be/YVXQmzh45kw

Seduced By Paris. Keith and Marie's passion was a fire, a blazing, red-hot flame that stoked their desires. Can love flourish again when there's no worries … no stress … no rules. Nothing but each other. Can one trip to Paris reunite true love? A romantic traditional erotic story. https://youtu.be/jSPCqSPr3JQ

A Show of Passion – Teaser. The deep sensual pleasures of the private, intimate moment. No one around, nothing to disturb you...until you realise you are being watched, you've been caught in that most sensuous moment. Your heart beats faster, your desire rises. How will it feel as you watch him pleasuring himself while watching you? A very voyeuristic erotica. https://youtu.be/9UJ3SVhxsqo

My Sensuous Valentine Teaser – Valentines night...a warm bubble bath with the most beautiful aromas. Carried from your bath to the bed, and there seduced into a night of passion and intense sexual pleasure. A truly sensuous and romantic erotic story for valentines night. https://youtu.be/FLw8UyWbL_Y

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